Technology to Enhance Learning

At Muriel Martin Elementary School we realize that the 21st century is increasingly complex, global and networked. The implementation and integration of digital technology into the classroom environment is essential to address the needs of the 21st century. Digital technology integration enhances students’ ability to thrive and think critically in an information-rich world.

Communication is one of the main ways digital technology is used at Muriel Martin. Each grade level and many individual classrooms have their own website where parents and students can access calendars, supporting activities, and even assignments.

Digital communication is not just limited to staff. All our students have their own Google accounts allowing them access to a school specific email, Google Docs, and various other cloud computing tools.

With two full computer labs, a mobile iPad lab, a number of one-to-one computing classrooms, whole-school wireless, a library research centre, and complete connection to the Alberta Supernet, Muriel Martin is highly integrated with digital technology. Additionally, all classrooms at Muriel Martin are outfitted with Smartboards, document cameras, projectors, digital cameras, and dedicated computers.

Within this digital environment, students operate a streaming television station, which is viewed by the entire school.