Our school boasts over 700 students this year. We credit this growth to our creative programming being taught by our fantastic teaching staff. We are expanding our indoor space every year with brand new modular classrooms and it is now time to focus our efforts outside to expand our play space, too.

The playground committee plans to add more equipment structures to our repertoire. This equipment will increase the number of our students able to actively engage in physical activity on the playground every recess and lunch, and excite imagination in students of all ages and abilities. The playground is where children practice their life and cognitive lessons including motor, sensory, social, emotional and creative skills. Children benefit from learning in a hands-­on, active, engaging environment. Providing inclusive play opportunities for kids is critical for promoting healthy play, healthy physical activity and healthy learning. It will also provide teachers with additional outdoor classroom space. We would like to see more of our students swinging, climbing, jumping, hanging and balancing. A game of grounders, a balance competition or simply a great place to meet friends for a chat helps build community and muscles at the same time.

This project requires the support of many people and organizations like you.  Permits, approvals and plans for this playground expansion are in the works. We will be building the playground from October 4 to November 4th.  The Muriel Martin Playground Committee kindly asks for your assistance.  A donation from your company would greatly help us reach our fundraising goals. Monetary donations can still be made to the playground project. Stop by the office if you would like to donate. Tax receipts are available for any donation valued over $25.00.

As a sponsor, your contribution will be gratefully acknowledged in Muriel Martin news bulletins, on our school website, in the local newspaper and a recognition of gratitude displayed in our school.