Parent Council Executive 2016-2017 (info. below to be updated)


All parents and guardians are welcome to participate in the Muriel Martin Parent Council, and we would appreciate your participation. Parent Council meets every month at 6:45 p.m. in the school library. 

To stay informed throughout the school year, watch for upcoming e-mails regarding newsletter postings. Watch for upcoming Parent Information sessions to be announced in the Parent Council newsletters throughout the year. There will be a variety of topics presented. 

If you would like to be on the distribution list, please e-mail us at: 


Our committee consists of an elected parent executive as well as parent members who meet to share ideas and provide input to school representatives regarding programs and events occurring in the school. 

Each year, a different school trustee is assigned to our council to facilitate communication between Parent Council and the School Board. 

Co-Chair: Chrysten Jennings
Co-Chair: Georgia Atkins
Secretary: Belinda Eddy


Muriel Martin Parent Council makes decisions that support the life and work in our school community. It is a forum in which parents are invited to bring their ideas for the community and share positive feedback, as well as communicate their concerns. It is an opportunity to listen to administration report on current issues affecting the school community. All parents or guardians of students attending Muriel Martin are voting members of Parent Council, and you are welcome to come join us. 

We, the Parent Council, plan and host educational parent workshops, our annual Family Dance, the Staff Appreciation Luncheon, and Year-end BBQ. We also coordinate the care of our beautiful outdoor garden areas.

Fundraising Society 2016-2017 

All parents or guardians are invited to participate in the Muriel Martin Fundraising Society. Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Monday of each month in the school music room. Start times rotate with the Parent Council meeting times, and are either 6:45pm or 7:45pm.

October 24 at 6:45pm

November 21 at 7:45pm

December - TBD

January 16 at 6:45pm

February 13 at 7:45pm

March 20 at 6:45pm

April 24 at 7:45pm

May 15 - AGM at 6:45pm and 2017-2018 Planning Meeting at 7:15pm

June - TBD


For more information, or to have your contact added to our e-communications, please send us an e-mail to

To stay informed throughout the school year, watch for upcoming e-mails regarding newsletter postings. You can also download our latest school newsletter by visiting ''Downloads'' above. 

Who We Are . . . 

The Muriel Martin Fundraising Society is a non- profit society that raises funds to enhance the learning opportunities of all students within our school. All parents of students attending Muriel Martin Elementary School are voting members of the Society. 

President: Connie Litzenberger
Vice-President: Kim Bechtold
Secretary:  Carmen Liebel
Treasurer: Belinda Eddy

Member at Large: Saylor McLennan

Member at Large: Sheri Doan

What We Do . . . 

The Fundraising Society coordinates school and community fundraising activities and grant applications that generate funds to support programs and initiatives intended to enhance learning opportunities for students. As well, the Fundraising Society provides services such as the Hot Lunch program and funds school events such as the Family Dance and numerous workshops. 

Last year, the funds raised were directed to the playground fund, Class Room Education Fund and music. The Classroom Education Fund provides funding to each teacher to use for additional learning resources, such as , books, games, and technical applications, etc. Funds are disbursed within the school year in which they are raised, with the exception of the playground fund. Development of the playground is planned for October 2016.