Topic A: Rocks & Minerals

Have you ever collected rocks? Now, not only will you collect rocks but you will learn how they may have been formed and where they may have come from!

By performing simple tests upon different rock samples, you can begin to classify & identify them. In this unit we will also take a close look at soil samples and identify the different materials that compose soil.

Finally, we will discover the many common uses of rocks and minerals found within our school, home and community. Learn more about Rocks and Minerals!

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visit the Rock Hounds website . . .

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visit the Community Learning Network for more amazing facts about Rocks & Minerals!

Topic B: Building with a Variety of Materials types!

Ever wanted to build a bridge? In this unit, you will get to do this and build other structures using everyday materials & objects.

You will discover how strong joints are constructed and the best materials to use.

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Topic C: Testing Materials & Designs

This unit is often taught before Topic B above. Here you get to learn the principles behind a "fair test" and how the scientific process allows scientists and engineers to discover which materials and designs are best when applied to construction tasks.

What materials can bend? Which materials join easily to other materials? Which materials resist tearing or crushing?

A square, a circle, a rectangle, a triangle -- which shape is the easiest to build AND the strongest?
Learn about Testing Materials here!

Topic D: Hearing and Sound

What makes a noise loud or soft? What makes a noise high or low? How do our ears hear? Why can whales sing and be heard by other whales across an ocean? Can you make your own musical instrument? -- Sure you can!! Have fun with this loud and lively topic!

Looking for a term? Check out our Sound & Hearing Glossary!

Here's a picture of the cardboard tube needed to build our little banjo -->

Do you know the difference between pure sound which can make music or just noise?

Learn how to make a PAPER BANGER. This is a favourite, Mm. Nuc, ''sound'' activity!

Topic E: Animal Life Cycles

Do you know the life cycle stages of most insects? What are the life cycle stages of most vertebrate animals? Are any of the stages between insects & animals similar? How are the food/energy needs met at each stage?

One year, the Grade 3's studied one creature: the Painted Lady Butterfly! Isn't life wonderful? . . . .

Another year we looked at Mealworms! Go to Iowa to learn a little more! Look at a great close-up of two mealworms! Go to Michigan State University!

Learn more about animal life cycles!

A poem: I'd Like to be a Butterfly by Charles Ghigna