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Testing Materials & Designs

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Hey kids!

In this Science Unit you and your classmates get to study materials and designs used in construction tasks.

Which of the following materials are strongest & best able to bend without breaking, crushing or tearing: paper, clay, cardboard, styrofoam, art straws or light wood?

What materials do you have at home which could be used & shared during our Testing Materials Unit?

Engineers are specially trained people that know how to apply scientific knowledge to designing, constructing and using structures and machines.

They often create models of what it is they want to build BEFORE they begin actually building it. In this way, accidents can be avoided. We will become engineers during the next two science units!

Engineers began to discover some amazing things as they "played" around with different materials and material designs. For instance, they realized that the shape of the material plays an important role in the strength of the material design. Hollow steel beams are both light and extremely strong. These beams are called "girders" and below we can see two types of "box girders".

Can you see that each of these girders has a slightly different hollow box shape?


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