Grade 2 Science Topics:

Topic A: Exploring Liquids

What is water? What is a liquid? What is a droplet? How does a liquid "flow"? What will mix with water and what won't? How can I change a liquid into a solid or a gas?

These are just some of the questions we will explore during this simple, yet amazing topic!

Go for the "BIG PICTURE" on this unit
See water move on wax paper!

Topic B: Buoyancy and Boats

My own watercraft! In this topic, you will get to build a variety of watercraft while experimenting with balance, stability, propulsion and waterproofing.

Know all the terms!

But WILL it float? You'll never know until you try! . . . . .

Try this ShockWave FLOATING LOG experiment at: ExploreScience!

Now, IF you were the designer of the Titanic, you should have built a model first. Find out why

Visit the home of the incredible movie: Titanic

Topic C: Magnetism

What IS a magnet, anyway? What is the world's strongest magnet? How does it work?

What is a magnetic field? Can the power of a magnet pass through materials? How does it do this?

Can a magnet be made out of plastic?

Get attracted to the glossary!

Learn what a Magnetic Field looks like!

Find out what ''everyday'' things are made with magnets . . .

Topic D: Hot and Cold

Can you fool someone to think hot is cold and cold is hot? How does a thermometer work and could I build my own? Does snow take up more or less space when it melts? Does heating or cooling a potato change it - how? Build your own solar heater! Study how a thermos works and build your own!

Explore these questions and more during this "cozy" topic!

Warm-up to the Glossary

Topic E: Small Crawling & Flying Animals

During this topic, you'll get to study the habits and hang-outs of various creatures like Tomato Hornworms, ants, spiders, bees, snails, slugs, earthworms and bats. Hope you don't find it too creeeeeeeeepy!! Learn the scientific name of the Tomato Hornworm here --->
Here's the lifecycle of the Tomato Hornworm --->
See the Tomato Hornworm larva starring in its own Quicktime Movie --->

Learn the anatomy of a caterpillar! Click Here

Want to pick your favourite bug or insect to draw a picture of? Click here

Want to wiggle on over to a really Yucky Worm site? ---> Read more about worms at Herman the worm's website

Click here to see some butterflies of North America

Learn about walking sticks using this link!

Or try this great "Walking Stick" page as created by a University of Alberta Professor!

Gordon's Insect World

Learn about the lifecycle of the honeybee!
Take a look at this stinger - OUCH!

Honey Bee Trivia Questions and Answers

Here is the Small Crawling & Flying Animal's Glossary
Use the insect database to learn more
Use this simpler key to identify household pests or insects