French Immersion at Muriel Martin

Contact our Assistant Principal/French Immersion Coordinator: 

Marteen Lindstrom

Marteen Lindstrom serves as our school French Immersion Coordinator.
More than half of our students are enrolled in the French Immersion
program and part of her role involves coordinating support for
students, their families and staff in our program. As a language
learner herself and graduate of the programme d'immersion, she
understands language development.


With an undergraduate degree from la Faculté St-Jean, University of
Alberta, a Graduate Diploma in Second Language Pedagogy and Instructional Leadership from the University of Calgary, and a DALF C2 Diploma of the French Ministry of Education she is prepared to support the diverse needs in French Immersion at Muriel Martin.  You may contact her by calling the school or emailing her directly at

CPF – Promoting opportunities for young Canadians to learn and use French

The French Immersion Program

Bienvenue! Welcome to the Muriel Martin French Immersion Web Page. Our French Immersion program is designed for all families, whether or not they speak French. All communication with parents, including report cards, is conducted in English. Within our classrooms, French is the primary language of instruction and all subjects are taught in French, with the exception of English Language Arts. The French Immersion program allows students to acquire language proficiency in both of Canada’s official languages, French and English and to develop an appreciation of the Francophone cultures.

The French Immersion program at Muriel Martin currently has over 300 students. There are two or more classes at nearly each grade level and our program continues to grow.  Contact the school for further information or drop by to see first hand, the many opportunities our welcoming learning environment can provide.